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lots of projects…the end of the senior fall semester is approaching!

Ahh, so much to do so much to do! Thanksgiving Break has turned into a work fest! I think if I write everything here, I will be able to sort out my jumble of a brain. I have several projects in progress:

-African Map mini-quilt, which I have to finish sewing…

-Touch ups to my Summerterm project, which I can probably finish Sunday or Monday in a couple hours or less. 

-Two 11x17 1/2 scratchboard spreads for Book Illustration, which I should probably get done as much as possible over break, since I have to print them out on watercolor paper and paint them before they are due the second week of December. 

I also have a couple papers and such to worry about, but these are the things due pretty soon after break, and/or have highest priority.

Yesterday most of the senior illustrators met during Bill’s Editorial class and we began discussing our Senior Project proposals. I am beyond excited, for I have been thinking about what I’d like to do since the summertime. Also, I have been setting up a profile on LinkedIn, which is extraordinarily helpful! You can see my profile by CLICKING HERE!